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Request for Proposals - Recruitment Services for District Administrator

Notice  -  Request for Proposals

The Carmichael Recreation and Park District CRPD), a dependent district of the County of Sacramento, is looking for an executive recruitment search firm to assist in hiring for the position of District Administrator. The position of District Administrator is the senior staff member of our District and reports directly to the Advisory Board of Directors and the District 3 Sacramento County Supervisor Rich Desmond. The current District Administrator, after almost 5 years of service to our District and the community we serve, has announced his retirement to be effective on December 6, 2024. We are aiming for November 4, 2024, as the start date for the new District Administrator so there will be some cross-training. Please see an in-depth description of our organization and recruitment timeline on the following pages. 

CRPD is seeking proposals for full-service recruitment, including recruitment brochure, outreach and advertising, candidate screening, and coordination of interviews. There will also be several meetings with our Ad Hoc Recruiting Committee and management staff, and assistance with reference checks. CRPD has scheduled first-round interviews for July 27, 2024 at the La Sierra Community Center's Cypress Room, then a second round with County Supervisor Desmond on August 8, 2024 at his office in downtown Sacramento. 

Proposals are to include: 

  1.  Your firm's qualifications to conduct our executive search.
  2. Listing of comparable searches for which your team has recently conducted successful recruitments in the field of Parks and Recreation.
  3. A list of specific tasks you will undertake to make this a successful recruitment.
  4. A cost proposal.

Please submit your firm's proposal to current District Administrator Mike Blondino by the deadline for submittal, which is 5:00 pm on Tuesday. April 23. 2024.

Please also direct any questions related to this Request for Proposals to District Administrator Blandino. 

RFP for CRPD District Administrator recruitment.pdf



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