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Middle School Boys Basketball League

All boys from Barrett and Will Rogers Middle Schools have the opportunity to play in our basketball leagues.  Teams practice twice a week and play games on Fridays and/or Saturdays at the La Sierra Community Center or Rusch Park.  If your child does not go to Barrett or Rogers, you can still sign him up as long as he can make the practice days, times, and location.


Boys basketball team holding two basketballs

Playoff Brackets:

(click the link for your league, scroll to the bottom of the page to find playoff bracket)

6th/7th - SOUTH

6th/7th - EAST

6th/7th - WEST

8th - EAST

8th - WEST



Sunrise Recreation & Park District (


League Documents:

Middle School Basketball RulesHawkins Officiating "Zero Tolerance" Policy


Questions?  Please email our program coordinator or call our Recreation Office at (916) 483-7826.

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