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All classes instructed by Futsal Factory

Why Play Futsal?

  •  It's the only version of indoor soccer recognized by FIFA!
  •  It'splayed in over 100 countries, by more than 10 million players!
  •  It's how the world's greatest players developed their skills!
  •  It creates skillful players who are quick decision makers!
  •  No walls creates a more realistic environment for outdoor soccer!
  •  Players touch the ball 210% more in futsal than in arena soccer!

What to bring (all classes)

All players should wear shin guards and futsal / indoor soccer shoes (or tennis shoes) (no cleats) to training. If you have a futsal ball, please bring it.  We encourage all participants to bring plenty of water.

Ball sizes: U8 and under size 2; U8 to U12 size 3; U12 and older size 4

Location: All classes take place in the Villareal Gym at La Sierra Community Center, 5325 Engle Road in Carmichael


Kinder Kickers

Ages: 3-5 years

This program is for any 3 to 5 year old player who likes to be active. Our program curriculum uses fun games and activities to broadly introduce futsal concepts and team sports. Kinder participants will use their hands as well as their feet to learn these concepts. As this is an introduction to the sport, there is no special skills, knowledge or equipment needed.

What to expect: Many parents who register for the first time, are unsure how their child will do in the program. Sometimes our little ones are shy for the first couple of classes. We suggest that parents, siblings, or an adult stick around for the first class, and be willing to jump in to help your little guy or gal if they are feeling particularly shy. It doesn't take long for most participants to feel less anxious about being away from mom or dad.

SundaysMay 29-June 191:00pm-1:45pm$68 (R)/$74 (NR)
SundaysJuly 10-311:00pm-1:45pm$68 (R)/$74 (NR)
SundaysAugust 7-281:00pm-1:45pm$68 (R)/$74 (NR)


Ages 6-7years

This program is for any 6 & 7 year old player. Our Juniors program is a bridge between the more technical work of our Cadets program (for 8 to 13 year olds) and the heavily game-focused sessions of our Kinder Kickers program (3 to 5 year olds). Our curriculum uses fun games and activities to introduce and refine core futsal skills, but more attention is focused on skill development and precision than in our foundational, Kinder Kickers program. These programs are high-energy and encourage your child to challenge themselves to improve their foundational skills. While still considered an introductory session to futsal, no special skills or knowledge are needed.

SundaysMay 29-June 191:50pm-2:35pm$68 (R)/$74 (NR)
SundaysJuly 10-311:50pm-2:35pm$68 (R)/$74 (NR)
SundaysAugust 7-281:50pm-2:35pm$68 (R)/$74 (NR)

Cadets I & II

Ages 8-11 years

This program is for any 8 - 11 year old player. While incorporating fewer games into sessions than our Junior Skills program, focus is primarily given to skill development and execution. Our curriculum incorporates fun challenges and multi-skill combinations to continually challenge players as they work through a series of exercises that introduce basic to advanced 1v1 footskills. Focus is also given to increasing proficiency in core skills and correcting bad habits. Players work in an environment where they are encouraged to be creative and to gain confidence in using a variety of skills. This program is intended for all players, from new to futsal to competitive level-players.

Sundays8-11 yearsMay 29-June 192:40pm-3:30pm$73 (R)/$80 (NR)
Sundays8-11 yearsJuly 10-312:40pm-3:30pm$73 (R)/$80 (NR)
Sundays8-11 yearsAugust 7-282:40pm-3:30pm$73 (R)/$80 (NR)