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Notice - Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Carmichael Recreation and Park District is seeking proposals from interested parties for Construction and Project Management  for capital projects in connection with the passing of the November 2022, General Obigation Bond.   


1)        On page 9 under Proposal Evaluation Criteria, Qualifications, Experience, and References it cites experience contracting with municipalities to operate a Farmer’s Market. Is this experience intended to be part of the selection criteria for this proposal?

R:  Please disregard the reference to “Farmers Market” – a typo.  We intended to omit this reference in the RFQ when editing our sample document.

2)        If selected, would the District be willing to negotiate terms of the contract where it makes sense to do so or does the District anticipate that there will be no negotiation of terms?

R:  In some cases, it may be necessary to negotiate terms and conditions of an agreement.  CRPD is willing to receive input and negotiate in areas where allowable and/or feasible.

3)  CRPD wants to clarify that the company that we sign an agreement with to be the Project/Construction Managers will not be able to have their landscape architect division be part of any future bids that the company oversees.  We see this as a conflict of interest.

Construction and Project Management - RFQ
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