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NEW! Migrating to Windows 10 From Windows 7

May contain: computer, electronics, pc, and laptop

Support for Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 are being discontinued on 1/4/2020. Discover what is needed to safely migrate to Windows 10 and the latest version of Office. Is upgrading hardware also needed? Will existing applications still run? Learn how to use Windows 10 as easily as Windows 7. What are the new features that make Windows 10 and Office 2019 special? We'll share tips and tricks that you will want to know!

Taught ByRichard Martinson and Leo Corser
Location: La Sierra Community Center, Room 800
Ages: 18 & up

Saturday9/2811am - 1:30pm$39 (R) / $43 (NR)
Saturday10/1211am - 1:30pm$39 (R) / $43 (NR)
Saturday10/2611am - 1:30pm$39 (R) / $43 (NR)
Saturday11/911am - 1:30pm$39 (R) / $43 (NR)
Saturday11/2311am - 1:30pm$39 (R) / $43 (NR)

Questions?  Please call our Recreation Office at (916) 483-7826.