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National Acadamy of Athletics

Carmichael Recreation and Park District is excited to partner with the National Academy of Athletics and to bring a variety of Virtual Camps to you.  

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On Demand Sports Classes

In the comfort of your own home, your child will participate in a pre-recorded 5 day sports camp.  Videos feature drills & skills that can all be completed in small spaces with minimal or no equipment.  Sports Classes are designed for children 6-14 years of age.  Sports camps are $48 and All American Camps are $58.  


Virtual Live PE Class:

The Virtual Class Kids Look Forward To.  Use Code 5F40566D714B4 to save over $60.

 Physical Activity is now more important than ever.  NAofA has successfully upgraded their "All Sorts of Sports After School Club" to provide a solution for families who enjoy sports and exercise but are not comfortable with, or do not have access to in-person instruction.  These Virtual Classes meat twice a week for 6 weeks and there are a variety of programs to fit everyone's schedule.