Mad Science Summer Camps

Location:              La Sierra Community Center, Room 800

Ages:                     6-12

Fees:                     $164 R/ $170 NR


Mad Lab

Day/Time:           6/17-6/21, 9AM-12PM


Come to the Mad Lab and go scientifically bonkers with a super cool variety of science topics. In Radical Reactions you’ll create gases, control chemical reactions and even generate power - with chemicals! In Chemical Counting you’ll see awesome chemical magic, build model molecules and electroplate coins! In Cell City you’ll build models of the inner machinery of cells, unravel DNA and break a secret code. In Birds and the Beasts you’ll examine bugs and birds and even what they just ate - yuck! In Organ Trail you’ll learn about the amazing YOU from the inside out - from bones to brains to heart and lungs and more!

EUREKA! The Inventors’ Camp

Day/Time:           6/17-6/21, 1PM-4PM


Be inspired by the most famous inventors in history - Ben Franklin, the Wright Brothers, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rube Goldberg! - and create your OWN inventions! Use their techniques to break through a series of modern day challenges. You will learn how to invent solutions to problems and make them come to life, just like these legendary innovators did. Construct catapults and forts, design underwater vehicles, build a mini-amplifier, and assemble a working light saber to take home. Thomas Edison said invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, but this camp is 100% fun.




Day/Time:           6/24-6/28, 9AM-12PM


Whaaaat? Yep! Your life is SURROUNDED by Slime! We’re gonna get sticky and icky in this camp learning about guts and garbage and goo! The best part is that you’ll make (and take home) a new slime to match the message EVERY SINGLE DAY! Get Insta-famous with the Slime you make! Give us a thumbs up! Do it for the Gram! Remember: There’s no such thing as too much SLIME! (#SLIMELIFE)


Detective Madness

Day/Time:           6/24-6/28, 1PM-4PM


Like to solve mysteries? Crack the case? You will step into the shoes of a real detective. Use science to uncover evidence and analyze the hidden secrets of a case. Put cool sleuthing tools and proven forensic techniques to work and unravel mysteries that would stump even Sherlock Holmes! Ok, well maybe they would fool your brother. But they’d be CRAZY to think they can fool Detective You!


Crazy Chemworks

Day/Time:           7/8-7/12, 9AM-12PM


Get ready to lose your mind in the vast and exciting world of chemistry!  This camp is full of reactions, observations, solutions, suspensions, explosions, concoctions, perplexions, digestions, reflections, and Dalmatians (kidding), just to name a few!  You will challenge your friends in the labware game, combat evaporation, be amazed at the awesome power of glue technology and trigger some shocking chemical reactions.  You’ll snoop out counterfeit money, launch chemical explosions (not TOO big) and learn how and why the chemical world works.  So dive into our fantastically fun pool of chemical experimentation!  Just don’t mix this one with that one or you might blow up the universe!