Adult Tap

Flap, shuffle and hop your way into the perfect introduction class to beginning tap dance. Breakdown tap dance vocabulary, steps, and combinations. Learn fun choreography, across the floor exercises, warm-ups and so much more. This class is given the opportunity to perform (not required). Comfortable clothing and tap shoes required by week 2 of class. Come prepared to have fun and listen to great music!

Location: La Sierra Community Center, Sierra Rooms

Mondays4/8 - 4/29*10:30am - 11:30am$25 (R) / $28 (NR)
Mondays5/6 - 5/ 2010:30am - 11:30am$25 (R) / $28 (NR)
Mondays6/3 - 6/2410:30am - 11:30am$30 (R) / $33 (NR)
Mondays7/15 - 7/2910:30am - 11:30am$25 (R) / $28 (NR)
Mondays8/5 - 8/1910:30am - 11:30am$25 (R) / $28 (NR)

Questions?  Please email our Recreation Supervisor or call our Recreation Office at (916) 483-7826.